Thursday, December 10, 2009

eighteen, seventeen, sixteen...

okay. so i'm not always on my top game when it comes to updating my blog.
and many other things pertaining to life.
i got my final sewing project back today.
cute, pleated skirt with a band around the bottom.
i totally thought i rocked it.
yeah..that's what i was thinking on my way home.
so i'm still on campus and the sidewalk is all cleared except for this one little ice patch.
me, thinking i am queen of the world, decided to just walk across it.
"i'll be fine."
OH. and did i mention that sewing is my 8 o'clock class?
(it was 4. FOUR. degrees this morning. i called time and temperature.)
that means...i'm in kayla's navy blue sweat pants, brown boots, my light blue HUGE winter coat, hot pink gloves, with my massive hood covering my face.
cute huh?
and since it was our last day of class i'm carrying my box of sewing supplies home.
back to the walking on ice.
next thing i know i think i'm reenacting Cool know, the part when they try to walk on ice for the first time when they get to Canada?
i was looking down at my feet and i didn't even know they could move in so many different ways.
balance. {for about .04217 seconds}
more arm flailing and
i was on the ground. on my side. with my box of sewing supplies next to me. and the man in front of me turned around to help me up.  then i laughed the rest of the way home.
we have a falling scale in my apartment and we judge people's falls.
mine was a 10.
(you can play too. it can't be higher than an 8 unless they completely fall...)
trust me, i'm fine.
and still laughing.

how this relates:
-be like the nice man who helped me up
-don't always be thinking about makes you fall
-laugh more.

this season is one of joy and happiness and laughter.
sometimes we must seek out this things, and if we turn to Jesus Christ, He will help us. 
the reason He was born was for each of us.
His love for every single person is infinite and eternal.
let's try to love Him, and those who surround us just the same. <3


Cool Mom said...

sorry about the skirt:(!
you crack me up....maybe even the ice too! haha

smashLey said...

is that a fat joke?