Wednesday, October 14, 2009

intruder alert.

here's my life as a horror story...
it was a cold, stormy night on september the 19th, a little after midnight.
my roommates and i went to a party for a boy from our ward last year. on the way home hilary and i walked a different way than marlee and libby. we got home before them and the door was locked. and libby was the only one with keys. after about ten minutes of us waiting for them we started to get worried. it only takes about ten minutes total to walk from the place where the party was. so we start calling. and calling. and calling. no response.
by this time my nerves are really starting to get to me. we start walking back the way they came. decided to pray in the bushes (click here). call some more. talk to random people on the sidewalk. and finally conclude they are either kidnapped or dead.
THEN i get a text.
marlee: hey. there was a family emergency so we're at libby's brothers.
ashley: okay. is everything alright? and could we come get the keys from you..we're locked out.
marlee: libby left it unlocked.
ashley: we tried's locked.
marlee: maybe it was just jammed.
ashley: alright, we'll try again. see you in a little bit.
we walk back to the apartment, all the while saying we're glad they are alive. and sure enough. the door was unlocked. "that's embarrassing," i called out.
as usual, hil and i went to our room and just sat around looking at the most fascinating recent events on facebook.
and THEN... the meow. now we had an experience with a "cat" last year....which will be saved for another i just figured it was nothing.
but it kept going. i said, "that's it. they are making up this whole thing. libby and marlee are here somewhere." so we searched the whole place. and found nothing. or no one.
so we turned off the kitchen lights and back to the computers.
five minutes later.
the t.v. TURNS ON and we hear a loud BANG.
we instantly look at each other and say "there is someone in our apartment."
we jump up. each of us grab our pepper spray. hilary also has her giant metal three hole punch. i have 911 dialed ready to be called any second.
we couldn't go out there.
so we shut our door and sat behind it, and determined our best options.
i texted marlee, "you need to come home. someone is in our apartment."
my. heart. is. pounding.
after what seemed like forever the t.v. turned off and we heard the door slam.
we still just sat there.
three minutes later.
it was libby and marlee.
"it's just us guys."
they come in our room and say, "just kidding!! it was us the whole time. we were hiding out under the desk. and there was no family emergency."
hilary and i broke down into tears.
...and laughed about it the next day.

get ready for halloween everybody. it's right around the corner. <3

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Becca and Bryan said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHAH seriously. that is hilarious. bahahaha