Friday, September 11, 2009

do you remember?

September 11, 2001.

i remember hearing the news right before school. sixth grade.
i don't exactly think i understood the whole thing that day.
we watched the news.
we saw the pictures.
we even talked about it.
but for a twelve year old girl it just doesn't make sense.

i also remember being at recess and asking my friend, "those aren't the same things as the twin towers right?"
they all said, "no. they are different buildings."
we had a trip planned for NYC two weeks later.

unfortunately it was those buildings. and it was a tragic event.
but my family was able to share the experience with other elementary students in harlem.
my whole school wrote notes and we dropped them off.
we got to hear the experience of a women firefighter who was working downtown that day.
what amazing people we have in this country.
how amazing it is that we can all come together.

for english senior year i had to read 102 minutes.
this is an incredible book.
definitely a tear jerker.
it gives the real story.
what truly happened that day.

yes, it was a tragedy.
but still think of what it taught us.
it brought us together as a country.
we were united. we were strong. we were humble.
let us remember these lessons.
and also the lives that were lost that day.

God bless America.


Vicki said...

Thank you so much for this post. May we never forget that freedom isn't free. God bless America.

stacers1316 said...

i was in NY this year during the anniversary. It was really neat. I got to talk to a guy who lost his dad that day. It was a day I can never forget and I feel for the people who lost someone that day. Thanks for the post ash.