Saturday, September 12, 2009

summer top twenty.

top twenty best moments of the summer {in no particular order}

20. pudding slip 'n' slide

19. watching the sunrise.

18. finding one of the most incredible views. and drving wherever we wanted to go with kelsy.

17. bear lake and learning to wake board.

16. road trip with nana.

15. visiting hilly in oregon.
14. making an eighteen egg omelet.

13. going up the canyon and spending time with the family.

12. national craft day.

11. taking an alpaca pack picture.

10. learning to do a back flip.

9. hanging out with my best friends [not all pictured here]

8. 24th of July parade.


6. best day ever with the best friends.

5. playing in the rain and wearing cool ponchos.

4. running my first 5k.

3. finding out lenny was mine.
2. tennessee with the byu besties {minus stacy} and seeing becca happily married.

1. last but not least, spending time with my brother. jumping off docks. playing in lakes. and loving every minute.

thanks for all the fun summer '09.

you made me very happy.

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Lisa said...

Great pictures, great memories! You'll be glad you wrote these down. Hope this school year is a fun one.