Monday, August 10, 2009

august flashback.

AUGUST 2005. i had corn rows.

AUGUST 2006. jared was emo.
we started our mayan tradition.

AUGUST 2007. we had a date at 5 the cemetary.

we would dress up to go to walmart.
we went to belgian waffle at 4 am.

we continued our mayan tradition.

we had a ketchup and mustard fight.

AUGUST 2008. we had a pudding slip 'n' slide.

we had cousin bonding at bear lake.

we celebrated Christmas.

AUGUST 2009. all my friends are on missions, gone, {getting} married or working.

[no pictures available]

actually, the month ain't over yet. we're going to party it up until the school bell rings.

pictures will come at a later date.


kelsy lynne. said...

ashley, the school bell starts ringing saturday. therefore i am sad. but also happy. too many emotions. ...maybe i should take lessons from jared.

Kayla said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha your corn rolls... I remember picking you up for tennis that day.