Sunday, August 9, 2009

and the winner is....

the votes are in.
thank you to everyone who participated..
it made for quite the interesting week in the walter household.
let's just say things were a little tense. {slight exaggeration}


the winner is PLATE ONE.
[insert much cheering and applauding and rejoicing]

so this may sound rigged but i promise i did no cheating whatsoever.
BUT i designed plate number one.
mom was plate two.
addison was plate three.
dad was plate four.
(he claimed to be too hungry to play and therefore just ate his dinner instead.)

there you have it folks.
thanks again for participating.
hope you enjoyed it as much as we have.
tune in again soon...
until then, peace and love.

post script: shout our to nana for the cedar city get-a-way. i had a BLAST. <3

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