Sunday, June 21, 2009

the sunday post

As you all know i had quite the experience this week with buying a plane ticket. Turns out i learned, or was reminded of, quite a few lessons. Sometimes we make stupid was amazing for me to compare this experience to that of a more spiritual one. My mom was helping me try to figure out the mess i put myself in. i had tried so hard to get a good deal and be responsible, but, yet again, i messed up. i was stressed out and not a very happy camper. She patiently assisted me in everything i asked. Finally, in tears i just decided to pay the extra money because there was nothing else i could do. Mom was completing the process for me as i hurried to get ready for work. i told her to just pay it and i'd pay her back. Next thing i know she walks over and says, "Don't worry, i'll cover it this time. Just make sure to double check yourself next time." This reminded me so much of the love Heavenly Father has for each of us. We make thousands of stupid mistakes each and everyday but He still takes us by the hand, shows us what we did wrong, fixes it and allows us to try again. That's an incredible thing to know. There is never a mistake too big that our Heavenly Father doens't want to help us fix. Challenge of the week. Turn to Him a little more. Let Him lead our lives and see where it takes us!

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stacers1316 said...

i loved this. thanks for sharing that. its so true that no matter how big or how many times we mess up, He will always love us and be there for us to help us.