Monday, November 24, 2008

sometimes i get a little competitive...

Well, this past week i was able to spend some hours at home. it was actually kind of random, and very great to go home for a little bit! Friday night i was sitting with my friends, Ethan, Mark and Phil, and my parents and we were watching the end of the State Championship football game...Alta vs. Bingham. Unfortunately, both of these were rival schools, but most Alta. i was getting very upset that they were making a come back and likely to win... i get really competitive, alright? So my dad began to tell my friends,
"So do you guys remember when the Jazz used to be really good? The time when they were playing the Bulls in the Championship? Do you remember the game that they totally lost it? Ashley sure does. She was so upset when they lost that she bawled and bawled!"
ha ha ha ha. i had totally forgotten! And my friends found that quite humorous. Then mom chimed in,
"Yeah. And do you remember a few years ago when the Utes were playing in March Madness and Ashley was yelling at the t.v.? She told them to make their free throws but it's not like they could hear her!"
ha ha ha. it was funny to hear my parents telling my friends about this. They just laughed at me as i laughed at myself. i still get very competitive. i told them it would probably be good if we didn't even bring up tennis... ha ha ha. But hey, a little competition never hurt anyone, right? ;)

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