Thursday, November 6, 2008

recent news.

well. let's see.
we recently moved our beds back to normal. it is a lot easier to brush my teeth.
i had 2 papers due this week and i have 3 tests next week. exciting.
i voted for my first time. interesting.
my family is absolutely the best thing and i love them so much and it was great to see them!
i love home cookin'!
snow is not as cool as everyone thinks it is. the people who never see it kinda make me laugh.
i am excited prop 8 passed.
i need more sleep.
one of the best things in life is laughter.
friends are amazing too.
i have a great roommate who sticks by me no matter what.
moms always know best and have the greatest advice.
sometimes i wish i was a boy, only because they aren't dramatic.
then i realize boys are overrated. ha ha ha.
i've also realized i have this problem that i can sleep anywhere. and i mean absolutely anywhere.
kayla is in spain right now picking up her brother. i'm jealous.
it's crazy so many people leave for their missions soon!
i'm still positive my brother will have a top selling cd out one of these days.
i am happy and life is good.

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