Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well, it is official, our loved dog Rocket has left this world. Earlier this week we found out he had cancerous tumors by his hind legs. There was nothing they could do for them and he'd have to be put to sleep. Besides, the tumors made it a struggle for him to even stand up. We all knew it was coming, we have had him since i was in 2nd or 3rd grade. i even remember walking home from school the day my mom got him, and i was SO excited!! He was the best dog, yes, even better than Moab (our other Golden Retriever).
Now, all the memories come flooding back. The time he was stuck on our wall in the backyard, chasing him around the neighborhood when he got out, me testing out the shock collar to see if it was working, how he never barked and we'd laugh if a robber came he'd just lick them, getting slobbered all over, how he slept in my parents bedroom for years, he was called Rocket because i swear he could outrun any other dog at the park, trying to feed him carrots even though we knew he'd just spit them back out... man, there's nothing like a dog!
i'm so glad he's out of his pain, it's just sad he's gone. Honestly, i didn't think i'd cry over this, but the other day i sobbed. My mom asked me if i'd come take a picture of her with Rocket. Then the tears started flowing, and i had my mom and my friend, Kelsy, crying with me.
Well, our dog will definately be missed. <3


Zach said...

Oh no I'm sorry :( I remember when I had to put my dog Oreo down. No fun. But then we got Gideon on the same day so made it a little better :) Honestly I can't think of any problem a puppy can't fix!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry! That is so sad. At least you know they are not in pain anymore.