Wednesday, July 16, 2008

future mrs. archuleta.

oh my gosh. i got to go to the American Idol concert last night...AMAZING! it is a sad story that i got to go, my neighbors mom went to the hospital and so i got to use her ticket..but i'm not gonna lie, it was wonderful!! All of them had so much talent, and it was fun because they were all so different...although some of the outfits i could have done without!
Anyway, so yesterday i watched Camp Rock (the newest Disney Channel movie) and i never thought i was one of those people who enjoys cheesy things, but i did. ha ha ha. Joe Jonas (yes, of the Jonas Brothers) sings this song. super cheesy. and i liked it. Then, my dilema got worse- David Archuleta...LIVE. holy freak. it was then and there i decided i'm marrying someone who can sing. ha ha ha. i didn't really understand the big deal (Sadly, it was a rough American Idol season.) All my friends would tell me how they thought he was so cute and i didn't exactly agree. But man, hearing him live...i'm in love.
And that's how i became the future Mrs. Archuleta.

This is the best video i got that isn't super long...the rest are screaming the majority of the time. it was ongoing screaming bascially his entire performance!

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