Monday, April 14, 2008

Prom Assembly

So Chamber Choir got to sing in the Junior Talent Assembly (even though only about half are juniors...) And we got to be cool and wear the hideous robes! =0) This was because we were singing a song that basically sounds like it should be on "Sister Act" with Whoopi Goldberg!

Well, we sang very first, and we always have two assemblies because we must have a large student population. After the second time we performed we decided to get some food. We always joke in class about how one time a girl took the hall pass to Target to get us some of course, we took the hall pass to McDonald's with us!

This is Myrinda, and it was her brilliant idea to bring it with us. She is the funniest girl!
So this was all of us at Mc-D's. These girls are so great...i love them! Hooray for choir! OH, it was way funny though because we were all just using our "rhytym" talents by busting out a beat on the table. It was actually sounding really cool until some random guy yelled "HEY!!" We immediately stopped...and then an old men started clapping for us. Well, we quickly left and as we were leaving the man who yelled said "Have fun back at preschool..." Ha ha ha. Sorry dude! Thanks to Myrinda who stood up for us.

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Lisa said...

That cannot be my model student Ashley going to McDonald's during school hours, can it?? Better hope the vice principals don't see this online evidence!! Ha ha, just kidding!