Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Choir Tour - DAY 1

CHOIR TOUR!!! Basically one of the greatest times of the year! ...Traveling, singing, friends! So i decided to split it up into the different days because i have LOTS of pictures and i think it would take me forever to do it all at once.
For now enjoy Day 1:

Yes, we were lucky enough to fly! ...not very lucky for the poor people who had to sit with us. (And yes, Kayla and i did match, as always...yes, Erik reminded us every opportunity he got.)

There's no i in team, but there is an i in CALiFORNiA!

Mr. Incedible...what more can i say?!?

Okay- this was funny. Pretty much the parks were SO crowded all day long, so by the end we ended up riding Tower of Terror over, and over, and over! i think we went 4 times in a row. And let's just say my friends Tanner and Erik had a fun time harassing the works, i think they were glad when we didn't get back on. it was pretty funny though. in this picture there are only kids from Jordan on it. Yeah Diggers!

And of course, TEACUPS! Everyday in Chamber we would talk about how we were going to ride the teacups. Alright, so i'm not a big fan, personally they make me a little sick, but we had a blast anyway! =0)

That pretty much sums up Day 1...lines and rides.


Lisa said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Wow, I can't believe how grown up all my former students are now. Sniff sniff! Glad you guys had a great time!

Markemilius said...

I forgot I was in that picture with you guys. I usually am dressed as Cinderella, but I had to sub for Mr. incredible that day.

smashLey said...

oh my word. no way! i don't think you even realize how it is basically my life goal to be Cinderella. you may think i'm kidding, but i'm not!! one day...you'll see! =0)