Friday, June 8, 2012


in recent news:
-i'm working on a new project. it's coming soon. promise.
just be patient for a little longer
-officially an asay. [and watched a temper tantrum at the social security office. it was rather embarrassing.]
-i've been moving and organizing and rearranging like it's my day job.
the pile of "returns" has drastically decreased in size.
the pile of "maybes" is still in the same pile.
and the pile of "keeps" is almost all put away.
-fyi. being emotionally unstable the week after your honeymoon doesn't rock. just saying. 
-after monday i'll never be taking a class on campus again. [as far as i know.]
-i've got a long list of summer to-do's. we'll see how much actually gets done.
-and i couldn't be happier that design star is back. i love me some hgtv.


Libby said...

Getting organized is one of the best feelings. And I'm loving design star. Such a great show.

p.s. I love that you're married.

Elyse and Steve said...

You looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day!

Elsha.Rae said...

im OBSESSED with hgtv! i cant get enough of it!