Saturday, May 5, 2012

sometimes i think i'm funny.

...and i was pretty much laughing all weekend.

exhibit a.
ask derek what we did for a date friday night.
if i wasn't sworn to secrecy i would tell you and you'd laugh really hard.
just know, sometimes we are ridiculous.

exhibit b.
i was being super nice and helping derek with his laundry.
as i pulled out shirt after shirt i realized they were all gray.
and this is only half of his gray shirt collection.
[please admire the grape walls in the future place.]

exhibit c.
while going through my things i found this old calendar from hilary before she left.
seeing as we're going to hawaii in a few weeks i felt it was appropriate to leave derek a nice little gift for when he got home. 

exhibit d. 
family outing to zurchers looking for wedding things.
i handed my dad our items to check out. 
"we need this cake pan?" he asked.
"yes dad. we cannot leave the store without this. 
for 80 cents it's basically stealing the cake pan. we need it."
and so, now we own a hannah montana cake pan. that cost a whole $0.80.


Lisa said...

You guys are so cute. Love your announcement!

Analee said...

I love the thing about the "gray shirt collection. Brandon is the same, except all of his shirts are blue, :)

Hermana Collins said...

HAHAHAHAH the truth is you ARE hilarious! the hawaii calender killed me. and the hannah montana cake pan. that will get lots of wonderful use