Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the last moments.

we bought a toilet at costco. nothing like last minute pre-wedding projects.
"derek is turning into bridezilla." - hilly
a shower with the neighborhood. the nicest. and the best helpers.
convo with nick w. the funny cousin. for both of us.
hannah montana jello.
that "perfect moment" walk. the sunday evening sunset.
leaving the apartment for the last time. and a "whoa sir" moment.
laughing hysterically with the homie, lover, and friend. reunion.
too much slideshowing.
creepiest text messages from the newfound portugese man.
the funniest phone call from kp.
a phone call with momma redford.
napping in the park on a sunday afternoon.
last minute planning and cramming.
breaking out like its my day job.
taking four days to pick a song to dance too.
watching hp 7.2 and making nokis.
conversations like this:
"i became seriously wounded working on your A" -hilly
"what were you doing on ashley's A?" -mom
ashley peeing her pants. almost.
hilary spooning just like the good ole days.
the automatic predict text from hil:
"hold on 1 sex."
"fetch i mean sec"
and her every half hour texting habits.
presents in the mail makes it feel like christmas every day.
moving armfuls of clothes.
family and friend visitors.
a dream of showing up to the wedding with wet hair. [a few too many times in life of missing my alarm.]
not sleeping all night. i swear.
temple session at jordan river.
a minor melt down.
more last minute to-dos.
getting the nails done.
dinner with the in-laws.
laundry and packing.
and the list basically being done.
pray i can sleep tonight.
i can't believe this day is finally here!

and a last pic:
the hilary plank.
[we're just that cool.]


kylee said...

ahhhh you get married tomorrow ashley! i am so so excited for you!

Ashley Mecham said...

Why in the world did it take you so long to pick a song? Has no one called you in a while, so you forgot your ringtone? LOVE YOU MAMA.