Monday, April 2, 2012

general conference.

a lovely weekend. 
messages said just for me.
like keeping the right perspective.
and worrying less about trivial things.
and families.
all i could think was "i'm making one of those..."
the sun was shining bright and beautiful flowers.
[until it snowed on sunday.]
eating mom's delicious general conference pull-apart bread.
relaxing on the couch and cuddling all day.
leaving feeling strengthened,
with a renewed desire to do good and be good.
i love general conference.


Brissa said...

general conference was AMAZING!!! just what i needed!!!

Amy said...

"I'm making one of those..." hahahahaha you are hilarious! but it is so true. and that Dershley/ Ashlek picture is the CUTEST.

Ali said...

you two look adorable in that picture. oh i love conference!