Monday, February 27, 2012

while in texas.

we had a wonderful time.
we got to relax. hang out all day. plan a honeymoon.
[back to hawaii! boo ya.]
we ate lots of good food.
[if in dallas, go to palio's]
and visited a lot of people.
then, we went out to the lake house.
[the only place i took pictures...]

it unfortunately was a little cold...
but we still wanted to sit on the dock.
his dad brought us a blanket.
then they came to take pictures.

we played lots of games.
a new love for catan, and a renewed dislike of scattergories.
we roasted marshmallows in the fireplace.
we went on a bike ride and avoided the pitbulls.
we went through derek's old stuff. 
and we hung out with his family.

like i said, we had an awesome time.


kylee said...

okaaaay pictures number 2 and 4 are to die for amazing. mad skills ash. mad.

Kayla said...

My BFF has a lover boy.... So cool!