Monday, February 13, 2012


today i taught a college class. whoa. [and i wasn't even nervous.]
we're heading to texas this weekend. i hear it's BIG.
after every place saying the 24th is booked, it's looking more like the 23rd.
the temple is closed this week, but the reception is then, regardless.
i was a stress-case this weekend. and tired. [grumpy.]
my parents are the best. and so helpful always.
addison's emails are awesome. 
grateful for opportunities to serve. it is true happiness.
i blasted my music. loud. it had been a while.
the bishop's wife had us tell our story and sit in front of everyone.
our colors are pink and grey.


Brissa said...

like really.

Haley said...

ahhh!! i loveeee pink and gray! those are gonna be mine someday too! gosh i love this so much!! congrats again girlie!

Karen said...

Your colors are pink and grey? Our colors were pink and grey! (in 1984!) Go Ashley & Derek!

kylee said...

wooaaaa you taught a college class?! i want deets when we have our meet up which we should probably make happen sooner rather than later. speaking of meet ups, there is a blogger meet up in march. the 8th i believe. brissa and i were thinking of going - you know for old times sake. thing is i think this one will be more attended by girls our age which could make it ten times more successful. let me know if you want to come! i went to texas back in high school! it was a blast! but let me warn you know - the humidity was death. pink & grey! your wedding is going to look fabulous i can just tell!