Thursday, February 23, 2012

clothing swap.

i need some ideas. and thoughts. and help.
what do you think of the idea of a clothing swap?
people come together. bring all the clothes they don't want anymore. and instead of spending all your hard earned cash, you go home with some free clothes too.
but i want to make it big. or at least semi-big.
so we get some options to choose from, you know?

okay. so...
when? where? who?
you tell me what you think.


lindsey; said...

YES. I don't know where, I don't know how, and I don't know who, but just YES. Please.

Lisa said...

That would be a fun Relief Society activity. Some wards will do a soup potluck with it and call it a 'Soup N' Swap' or something like that.

Stacy said...

I've seen it done, but I've never done it. It could be fun.

Amy said...

well I made out like a bandit this summer when you cleaned out your closet... soooo I'd be super interested to score like that again! haha. No but really, I would help in any way!

jilly said...

we have done it at the ward, with everyone....even non-members come. You could also do it at your clubhouse at your apartment. or see if the library would let you use one of their big rooms.