Monday, January 9, 2012

how lame is my blog?

dear those of you who still actually read this,

i'm sorry that i've failed at blogging as of late.
life is just a little bit crazy.
you know how it is trying to get back in the swing of things after an awesome christmas break [that i still have a bazillion of pictures from hawaii to upload.]
school is awesome. i absolutely love my major.
sometimes i'm on campus all day. [every day.]
i cried when i realized i wouldn't see derek very much.
[yes, i realize how ridiculous that sounds. i was a little emotionally unstable. but yes, it's still sad.]
my brother leaves in a week. basically. not sure how to feel...
and my family decided to redo our entire main floor prior to his leaving.
this means i've been painting baseboards and cupboards, and spending a lot of time at home depot. and taking family pictures for the wall. it's been awesome.
[deciding to do the kitchen too a week before an open house is not always the best idea. just fyi. but we thrive on the pressure. ha.]
i'm also making major life decisions. like what to do after graduation. internship? student teach? try to find another job? [am i really this old?]
life is just a crazy thing. and i'm learning a lot every day.
i think i'm finally trying to just take it all in.
and i'm happy.
i'll do my best to keep you updated.
good things are ahead.

thank you for still reading,

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Amy said...

I read every post! I love you and your awesome life!