Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas.

so many emotions around christmas time.
like a christmas eve dinner of turkey and cheese sandwiches with bbq chips and soda pop. all of us worn out so we ate around the island in the kitchen. simply the best.
and watching "mr. kruegar's christmas" because we do it every year, even though mom and add don't like it.
waking up and being happy to see a few presents around the tree after expecting none. [hawaii.]
laughing so hard with dad's "feely bag" gift wrapping job this year. reaching an arm in and pulling out the present he put in your hand.
the suprise of your uncle being home from the army for a few weeks to spend time with his family.
an aunt who asks about school. and i know she means it. and wants me to student teach with her.
your grandma getting exactly what you wanted, even though you never asked for it, but knowing because she stalked my blog.
hearing everyone talk about your brother going through the temple. holding back the tears, and reminding yourself that everything is okay and i'll get my turn.
attending church. the highlight of my day.  hearing the testimonies of the Savior being shared through music and words.  especially the humble testimony of my dad.  he's incredible.  and knowing just how much i truly love my Savior, my personal Savior. and that i get to celebrate His life. He lived and continues to live for us. 
singing "the first noel" with tears streaming down my face. words can't really describe that feeling. but it was amazing.
visiting our next-door neighbors. they are just awesome people. and their grandparents even love us.
getting to talk to derek on the phone. man, i love him.
laughing so hard when the "thank you soooo much" picture ended up in the family calendar. maybe one day you guys will get to see that video. in like 50 years. if blogs are still even cool then.
grandpa's famous waffles for dinner. and a hilarious conversation to go along with it.  like how dad refused to get his mission clothes from mr. mac. and so much more.
getting the skirt i've been eyeing for months.
listening to stories about grandpa at pearl harbor, and grandma's experience during world war two and how things have changed since then.  listening to grandma talk about the temple and how she feels inadequate teaching relief society.  learning just a little bit more about them, and teaching me a little bit more about life.
a text from bff kayla. sometimes i miss her a lot. but getting texts from her rocks. [plus i get to see her this week.]
seeing my dad reunite with his lifelong best friend that he hasn't seen in a while.  and knowing that even when we don't see some people all too often, we're still considered family and always loved.  talking, and joking, and reminiscing-mostly listening to stories- is my favorite.
being able to pray and thank my Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

these are the wonderful feelings of christmas.

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kylee said...

going to church was so great this christmas. made me wish we had christmas on sunday every year.