Wednesday, December 14, 2011

finishing up.

another semester done.
i can't believe it either.
it sure was a good one, and i can look back to how much i learned.
i could tell you all the characteristics of the clothes you're wearing. 
or give you ideas on how to teach non-native english speakers.
i could go to the fabric store and potentially name 46 kinds of fabrics.
or have a discussion on the very basics of linguistics.
i could go on and on and on about what i learned in parenting. 
especially about myself, about my life, and what i'm going to do, because of that class.
i have over 20 pages written about my life that will be a treasure to me. 
i've been inspired to cook more at home, to become better at grocery shopping.
and been inspired with ideas that created new life dreams. 
[to teach others how to cook. and be self-sufficient.]
and not only in school, but i've learned so much in many other areas of my life as well.
i can honestly say this semester has been the best. out of them all.
some semesters have been brutal, but this is one i can look back on with gratitude.
thank you fall 2011 for changing my life.

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