Tuesday, December 13, 2011

favorite christmas past.

at church on sunday we discussed our favorite holiday memories.
i began to think.
well, there was the year we got that vaccum. that was pretty funny. [but not really at the time.]
or the years we would wait at the top of the stairs to come rushing down.
getting our nintendo 64 was a pretty big deal.
thinking, thinking. flashbacks to christmas past.
then i thought about that year that we helped provide christmas for one of our neighbors.
the year we secretly did the 12 days of christmas for another.
or the year that mom challenged us to do more service, and every time we did we could put a piece of straw in the "Jesus crib" to make sure it would be comfortable for Him on christmas day.  i remember making my brother's bed so many times that year.
i remember the year that i had my extended family write out their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then i put them in a book for grandma and grandpa.  i can remember how much i learned about my family that year. and about the Gospel. and i shared love. the gratitude of grandma and grandpa was priceless.
last year we were in the airport right before christmas.  i remember dad coming back to where we were waiting with two giant cinnamon rolls. one for my family to share, and the other he handed to the army man sitting right next to us.  he graciously accepted it. a simple act of service that forever changed my perspective on giving.
these are simple memories, really.  but these memories of service and giving, loving and sharing are the ones that make the most meaningful christmas's.
sure, the nintendo might have been cool that year, but these other memories make me want to be better, to strive harder, to give.  because i love Jesus Christ. and am grateful for the chance we have to celebrate His birth and life.
take time this year to think about what simple act of service you can give.  what you can do to represent the Savior, because, it's Him we celebrate.


Stacy said...

Love this. Love you

Ali said...

inspiring for sure. mind if I copy your testimony idea? my parents would love that!

kylee said...

i was 2.5 seconds away from crying when reading that story about your dad buying the two cinnamon roles. that right there is what christmas is all about. but really, that's what life should be all about. your dad is great.