Thursday, November 3, 2011

my canadians.

two elder walter's.
both serving in canada.
both speaking chinese.

yesterday i asked my brother,
"what happens if i get married while you're gone?"
he said,
"it'll be okay ash."

and then i cried.
[in a very public, busy place.]
half tears of sadness,
half tears of relief.

he said,
"i'll be sure to send a video."
"and you'll have my cardboard cut out."
"so i'll be there."

[just to clarify.
i asked because two years is a long time.
and anything could happen, really. 
and i only have one brother.]


kylee said...

married?!! oh my goodness! good things are coming your way i see!

Haley said...

Ash! i totally know what you mean! umm i asked my little brother that same thing. Anddd cried in a public place. work to be precise. Andd it wasnt just a little cry.. like full on bawled. definitely know the feeling girl! its rough but we'll be good right?! :)

Amy said...

awwwwww :)