Wednesday, October 5, 2011

frills and chills.

some days, 
when it's raining,
and you forgot a jacket, 
it's cool to walk around campus with 
a frilly white umbrella 
that you randomly find at work.
 ...and then make your brother take a picture of you.

 i think fall has arrived, my friends.


kylee said...

i don't think anyone really expected it today. nobody had jackets on campus [me being one of the many] and when we got out of class we all just stood inside for a minute looking out the window trying to muster the courage to brave the cold. yep - fall is officially here!

Lisa said...

That looks just like the parasols they sell at Disneyland in New Orleans Square. They decorate them all cute and write your name on them. I always wanted one. You should decorate yours!

jilly said...

you look like a southern gal! haha