Tuesday, September 27, 2011


-my brother's mission papers are in. holy smokes.
-kayla texted me on her honeymoon. i laughed so hard. mostly because i thought "this might be the longest we'll go without texting."  she only lasted a day. [she wanted to let me know steve surprised her and they were going to costa rica instead.]
-byu won.
-serving people makes you super happy. do it.
-ikea and cafe rio and stopping by home. a good saturday afternoon.
-amazing relief society session. president uchtdorf rocked it.
-driving around on sunday evenings. favorite. windows down and great conversations with the boy.
-butt kicked by the one-time-trial personal trainer.
-watching the leaves change colors on the mountains is delightful.
-my roommates are hilarious. honest to goodness.
-laughing so hard every day is my passion in life.
-we are put in the exact places we are meant to be. so cool.
-be nice to others.
-watch this video. it's funny.
-annnnnd, have a good tuesday. 

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kylee said...

love that kayla texted you on her honeymoon. i feel like i would do the same sort of thing.