Wednesday, September 21, 2011

keep it up.


i had one of these moments this week.
the feeling of "what am i even doing with my life."
so much to do, and so little time.
what's the most important?
i went on a drive and ended up parked in front of the provo temple, like usual.

sometimes it's real easy to get overwhelmed. to feel inadequate.
and not know how you're going to even manage.
but then, there are feelings of love and peace.
people around you that show you how much they care.
and leaders who have the perfect answers.

i went to a church leadership training. 
i went in with these feelings of inadequacy and being overwhelmed.
i left with peace and love and hope. 
what a beautiful thing.
it started with our stake president asking us what our concerns were. 
what were the thoughts of our hearts.
what were we struggling with.

here's some things that were said in response:
accept that you can't fit everything in.
Heavenly Father gives us more to choose from than we can do so we will turn to Him and rely on Him. 
we continue to learn every day, trust that Christ's atonment covers our mistakes.
trust as a little child.
think about Christ, things seem to work out better.
learn to distribute the load, others need the opportunity to serve as well.
"desire" by elder oaks.
you've got to pace yourself.
it's not going to get easier, but you are going to get stronger.
be patient with yourself, the Lord isn't finished with you yet. keep doing good. don't beat yourself up.

these were answers to my prayers. 
and brought peace to my heart.
 i was reminded who i am. and who i want to become.
so i will work towards that every day of my life.
thanks to all the beautiful people that help me remember. 
and just love me when i need it.

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Karen said...

I can always count on your blog posts to lift my spirits and remind me of the important things in this life! Love you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights!