Friday, September 16, 2011

as of late.

my best friend gets married in less than a week.
i'm wearing my purple jeans.
we took a field trip to macy's and macey's this week for class.
my roommates let me tuck them in to bed last night.
they made delicious tofu lasagna for dinner.
and ciera informed us beyonce is pregnant.
which led a rendition of "all the pregnant ladies, all the pregnant ladies."
i have my first test and i'm not stressed, but probably should be.
the biggest football game of the year is tomorrow and it sure snuck up on me.
we have third row seats. go cougs.
i see an adorable boy every day.
prideful moment: top 5 in tennis around-the-world.
craving to wear my long johns. the purple ones.

and the best story of my week:
i was at the grocery store, for a homework assignment.
[because my major rocks.]
there was this grandpa with his grandson about my age, i'd guess.
well, the grandpa kept looking at me, so i smiled.
then he turns to his grandson and says,
"there sure are a lot of pretty girls here tonight!"
i quickly took the next aisle and bust up.
so funny.
i love compliments from old men. 

happy weekend everyone.
and let's hear it for some college football!


Christi Lynn said...

you are too cute. and i loved that little story. old men are the best.

hermana jordan. said...

i love you.
you're the best.
the church is true.

just posting to tell you that i had to redo my blog.
it's exactly the same.
but with a different address.