Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pioneer day weekend.

well, it was my favorite weekend of the whole year.
and it certainly was not a let down.
here's the deets.

lunch at zuppas with aunt marilyn and cousins.
a few too many episodes of "design star."
making friends at the pool.
cousin adam getting his mission call to toronto canada, speaking cantonese.
being the 5th wheel, but getting to see the humor u show.
[josh bolding is funny. and my cousins don't mind me being the 5th wheel.]
eating a jbc at midnight. 
staying up way too late.

a wake up phone call.
boating with stacy and friends.
wakeboarding for the first time in forever.
more "design star".
dinner at costa vida.
a bonfire up the canyon.
the ultimate dream, popping our jiffy pop.
pulling out the star chart from my trunk and naming the constellations.
[yes, i keep a star chart in my trunk.]

a lovely day at church.
taking over the ward council meeting.
quick nap.
dinner made by grandma walter.
grandpa paying me 5 dollars for saying the prayer.
[even though addison kept poking me and i laughed through the whole thing.]
playing "bones" with the cousins, and family, and grandma.
a really itchy mosquito bite.
hearing stories from when grandma and grandpa were young.
and about how different byu was "back in the day."
and how when grandma liked grandpa he didn't like her.
and when grandpa liked grandma she didn't like him.
...but then they got married.
walking like an old person from being really sore.
sleeping in my dad's old room.
appreciating all the experiences of my family.
telling my mom i want to own that house someday.

early wake up.
setting up the boards and ladders.
my favorite pioneer day parade.
and trying to convince dad to stanky legg.
waving to the Prophet, and my body guard uncle.
realizing that grandparent's house is exactly 100 years old.
exploring the avenues and talking about the cool houses.
lunch at sizzlers with the whole extended fam.
getting laughed at about my half birthday.
stop in layton to see derek's sister.
back to sandy.
sitting and talking in the backyard for hours.
[i love that hammock.]
hitting my toes. multiple times.
a failed attempt to get derek to do his indian dance.
dinner at smoky mountain pizza, and almost burning down the place.
[or just lighting some paper on fire. but still, no bueno.]
pouring rain.
dancing in the car.
and a good conversation.

you could say it was a very grand weekend.
because it certainly was.

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