Sunday, June 26, 2011

things i learned at church today.

-think more of others, stop making excuses, don't hide your talents, be friends to those around you.
-people don't have to be perfect right now, no one can be.  judge less and love everyone.
-face challenges in marriage with a good attitude, share the experience and learn together.
-life won't always be great, but we can always have a great attitude, if we choose.
-we choose our loves.  we act and love comes from that.  act with charity.
-we can overcome all things with the Lord's help.  be prepared to react when challenges come.
-we can do it.  we will succeed.
-we chose to come to earth.  we fought for it. 
we knew it would be hard but we chose to come and we choose to return again.
-keep an eternal perspective.  [2 nephi 2:27]
-be grateful for decisions because that means we have agency.
-when we are living righteously it is our privilege to be happy.  find out here.
-prayer is a conversation.
-always hope.

it was a lovely day.

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Ashley said...

so glad you came to my blog to visit! cant wait to read more of your stuff!