Thursday, June 30, 2011

on the road again...

first stop, wendy's. in provo.
dad:  "he gave me this huge marker to sign my i wrote it REALLY big."

two ipads, three laptops and a portable dvd player.
saying we're set is an understatement.
no boredom in this car.
[i watched "sisterhood of the traveling pants" and cried.]

we started this game called "name that car." 
my dad is helping me practice.
i named a camry and sienna by myself.
woo. go me.

st. george.
a run in with my grandparents.

four hours of sleep during six hours of driving. pretty.good.odds.
the rest spent almost finishing a book.
"matched" is way good.

the best picture of me being grumpy ever was taken.
i was stressed because i couldn't find my camera.
and after i couldn't have laughed harder.

the dumb seats led to the creation of "jabb-yo-backies."
[dance included.]

swimsuit #1. success.

attempting to attend church.
empty parking lots. twice.
but we got to see the gorgeous temple.
and ended up at the mormon battalion visitor center. way cool.

ruffle swimsuit:  not a hazard.
[hey people. i sewed it. and LOVE IT.]
frisbee, and catch, and sandcastles in the sand.
sunburns and new sunglasses and super curly hair.
there is nothing better than cruising down the beach on a bike.

addison: i'm pooped, let's go take a nap.
edward:  we can't.
addison:  why not?
edward:  because my nipples are chaffed.

we watched wimbledon every morning.
and i loved it.
[i'm watching it live one day, just you wait...]

we went to this really cool big boat.
ths uss midway. a WWII naval ship.
my question:  how in the world do you build a boat that size?

boogie boarding is my new favorite thing.
the ocean was super cold and i maybe didn't want to get in...
but totally worth it!

ashley:  guys!  i lost my phone!
edward:  you mean "the derek reciever"?
family:  uncontrollable laughter.

stuck in traffic. for hours.
[due to the brittney spears concert in vegas. awesome.]
addison sitting on me to play the "make up a song" game.
virgin inn casino hotel.
funniest mad lib. ever.

pretty much san diego was a dream.
and i love my family.

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kylee said...

name that car sounds like a game that i woud fail miserably at. oh my the stress of not being able to find your camera is the absolute worst. i think i would die. i was hoping that purple swimsuit was the one you made. you're a sewing genius my dear.