Thursday, June 9, 2011


sometimes i say things that wouldn't be awkward in the sewing lab, but then i realize i'm not in the sewing lab.
root beer makes me burp.
our first ward activity was a success.
discussing who your favorite *nsync or backstreet boys member was happens on a regular basis in the above mentioned lab.
sometimes i hate waking up, almost every day.
the efy kids make me so happy.
playing the smarties game at macey's is a must-do.
i bawled at high school graduation and i pretty much thought my life was over.
my life didn't end after high school...i think it got better.
sleeping beats out doing my hair basically always. 
the other night i sat down and watched t.v. just because i could.
this term may potentially be my best gpa of my college career.
i wouldn't love working in an office for the rest of my life, as much as i love my job.
san diego in one week.
oh, and i bought the converse.


Kari said...

what is the smarties game?? i want in!

kylee said...

justin from nsync & brian from backstreet. yep i just included myself in that discussion. i hate waking up every day. not even sometimes. always. oh my gosh! i cried at high school graduation too! sure wish i would've ran into you. san diego! jealous times ten! have so much fun on your vaca!