Monday, May 16, 2011

weekend goodness.

[...besides the previously mentioned items.]

visiting the temple.
nap time.
a new windshield and a clean car.
[thanks to derek who did, in fact, vacuum up all the dirt. and an efy lanyard.]
lunch at iggys.
the justin bieber movie.
[the bieber fever has never been stronger.  seriously people, you gotta see it.]
brand spanking new pillow.
in'n'out shakes.
my first ever people playing "kiss the girl" and staring moment.
bleached pants on purpose.
a tasty sunday dinner, including bread from the home teachers. mmm.
planning activities.
phone calls.
-with my brother telling me all about prom.
-with my family to disucss life.
-with my grandma just to tell me she thinks i'm a great person.
-with my bff kayla saying hi and such.
making up new metaphors with cousin nick.

weekends are such a blessing.

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