Monday, May 23, 2011

this time i dreamt about google reader.

i think the not blogging  is starting to get to me.
but alas, here is a week update:
life is good people.
i've been working on some craft projects.
[pictures to come once i finish one of them.]
and i finished my swimsuit.
it was a torrential down pour last week.
[i'll be honest, i just had to google torrential to make sure it even made sense/the real definition.]
do you even look back through old journals and think,
"man, i'm so different than i used to be...i hope it's a good different?"
yeah, me too.
lucas lizzard that sat on my dashboard went missing.
contact me if you see him.
he's about 1.5 inches long, brown, and a lizzard.
[nevermind, we found him.]
i have the funniest friends. ever.
karissa bosco got her mission call to cordoba, argentina.  woot woot.
best line of the week, "on my scale of one to ten, he's a 67."
i cooked and ate fish this week.  this cooking class is good for me.
jimmer's face made it onto my "wall of love."
my family is highly competitive and hilarious.
don't believe me?
come play banangrams with us on a friday night.
addison's best word was "beeeeeeees." 
"what? that's how i spell it when i'm texting..."
and if the old year books come out and my family mentions me in overalls, just don't worry about it.
my mom took second. yes 2nd. in her age group in a triathalon on saturday.
buff lady.
good conversations are my favorite.
and not good conversations are not my favorite.
a boy answered a question at work "kinda sorta." 
i didn't even know how to respond.
and i don't love shower games.  just saying. 
track 5 is almost always my favorite.
sunburn is an understatement.
me and marlee are so tight that i even knew which deoderant was hers.
and do all boys brush their hair?
i also dreamt about gushers, which luckily for me, i still had a box under my bed.
the world didn't end like people were saying it would.
and i learn something new at church every week.  amazing.

happy monday.


Brissa said...

hahah your title reminds me of my youth. i used to dream about having conversations on msn and winning spider solitaire. it was bad.

jilly said...

funny post....
what boy and what question?
and i didn't take 2nd....two others came in under me....took 4th, but i'll take that. ;0)