Thursday, May 19, 2011

summer list 2011.

1- play a baseball game.
2- sleep in the hammock.
3- hike to the favorite spot.
4- go camping. multiple times.
5- attend my first rodeo.
6- la beau's raspberry shake [boat at bear lake].
7- try hard to get tickets to the sugarland and/or rascal flatts concerts.
8- play lightening [the basketball game] with the neighbors.
9- attempt mountain biking and fishing and go four wheeling.
10- pioneer day parade.
11- run a 10k and play a lot of tennis.
12- roller blade and bike around/check out the library.
13- swim in my custom made swimsuit.
14- harry potter. harry potter. harry potter.
15- september third.

1 comment:

kylee said...

harry potter harry potter harrry potttteeerrr! yes! cannot wait for the movie.