Wednesday, May 11, 2011

if sleeping through alarms was an olympic event, i should get the gold.

every morning i feel like i'm in a scene from "pride and prejudice."
those low clouds on the mountain will do that to ya.
i drink root beer like there is no tomorrow.
let's be honest, reading craft blogs IS my day job.
hanging out with my cousins is on my top favorite things to do list.
look for the up and coming "teach me how to walter."
when you live with someone you pick up their sayings.
dee dee rubbed off the "killllll me." and "who are you?!?"
[i miss her.]
running a 5k is not my most favorite thing to do.
but giggling with your bff never gets old. 
i used to obsess over taking pictures, then one day i didn't.
telling my most embarrassing moment went better than expected.
it's slurpee season. 
and the prank war continues. 

happy wednesday.

1 comment:

Amy said...

i can DEFINITELY identify with your title... life sounds fun and i miss ya!