Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[imma star.]

daffodils on the counter at work.
my body made up this fun new game called "infection of the week."
a new week, a new infection.
thank heavens for modern medicine.
is it weird that i'm sad the classes i'm in are ending?
babies have been on the mind.
like the fact that a real human being will one day grow inside me.
"live the life you've imagined."
don't mind if i do.
snow canyon half again?
it's on the list.
bff kayla is making me do it. [ha]
interior design final project. done and done.
i love the conference podcast.
it makes my listening easy and convenient.
my mom told me to look up an app the other day.
i told her i would but i don't own anything cool enough to look up apps on.
she said, "oh yeah, i forgot i have an ipad."
running outside in shorts.
that means it's warm people.
being a home ec major doesn't mean i don't love easy mac.
we sing "oh happy day" at least once a day in our apartment.
there have just been some happy days lately.
i might look into graduate school?
marlee gets her mission call.
makes your guesses now.
oh, and have a happy day.

for your entertainment - a family home evening project.

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