Tuesday, April 5, 2011

how my weekend went down:

finishing homework.  me and ciera falling asleep on my bed. almost finishing my book.  a text making me burst into sudden [good] tears. packing the stuff and picking up nick.  blasting nelly. unloading the laundry. bringing the brother along. scones. 3-on-3 basketball.  kind of awkward moments.  jumping on the trampoline.  the boys pulling out the nintendo 64. falling asleep talking to mom real late.  sleeping in my own bed. waking up 17 times. conference in pajamas.  haircut.  insta-care. sinus infection. prescription. conference afternoon.  amazing.  feeling like my face was hit by a truck.  watching march madness games.  zuppas with the girls. [mom and roommates.]  joanns and smiths pit stop.  medicine kicked in.  fatbooth pictures. ping pong.  high school scrapbook.  justin bieber dance party in the kitchen.  "rocket man"- the disney original.  all 5 of us singing elton john's "rocket man" at 1 a.m.  waking up at exactly 10.  pull-apart cinnamon rolls and fruit.  family sunday morning conference tradition. [and a tasty one at that.]  thank heavens for medicine.  more awesome conference.  marlee cutting my hair, again.  helping nick look for wife options.  addison and nick wrestling. loud banging noise. "i'm throwing nick against the ceiling."  start last session.  another marriage talk.  nick saying "come on, i was on the [face]book all morning."  crying while feeling the spirit.  knowing that i am loved.  feeling that everything will work out, always.   hawaiin haystack birthday dinner for nick and matt.  discussing sports at dinner - a first for ciera. scraping snow off my car in sandals.  only packed sandals to go home and it snowed inches.  discussing our favorites in the car ride home.  thanking my Heavenly Father for my family and friends and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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