Monday, March 28, 2011

the small stuff.

the caption of this post should be "ashley cries a lot but it's normal."  just a warning. 

good things happen every day.
and usually the smallest things make life the most meaningful.
like on saturday i was driving with my friend amanda.
she asked, "hey ashley, do you have your wedding colors picked out?"
i laughed and said, "yeah, why?"
she responded, "i just figured you did so i wanted to ask."
we laughed so hard.
later that night we watched a movie.
it reminded me of an experience.
i cried and marlee just sat with me until i felt better.
sunday people knocked on our door about 8 times.
we actually have friends. 
then i went to hang out with cousin nick.
it was time for me to leave and he was nice enough to walk me to my car.
[all you single girls - he's a winner. for real.]
we talked until 1.
and he told me, "you should be sponsored by a tissue company."
oh, and nick, don't forget to tell me about the water tank on your next birthday...
we also laughed about how we thought we were so cool when we were younger.
mostly we pulled pranks on each other and our other cousins and we thought it was pretty great.
like the one time we wrote gullible on a sticky note and put it on the ceiling and told all our cousins to look.
or the quarter game that ended with marker all over nick's face.
[he was so mad.]
monday i got an email from miss hilary.
i didn't think i'd get one because i sent mine late.
it was a pleasant surprise to have that in my inbox.
basically she makes me cry. always.
[probably why nick made the tissues comment.]
and she is just so funny.
and she told me how she prays for me every day.
not only me, but for my future husband.
"i pray for you and your hubby everyday. i dont know your hubby yet. but i pray for him."
her email just made me so happy i want to copy and paste all of it. 
basically we've decided i'm going to argentina to pick her up.
let the money saving begin. [donations welcome.]
family is the best support system out there. 
my mom listened to me sob for half hour on the phone.
[i was quite the site in the jfsb after.]
and my cousins matt and nick came over last night.
they are so wonderful.

life is full of blessings.
what a good thing.

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