Wednesday, March 9, 2011

oh how things change.

last year my friend was really struggling with depression.
this year he told me how happy he is.
last year i lived with marlee, libby, and hilary.
this year hilary is in argentina, libby is engaged, and marlee's mission papers are almost in.
last year i was really upset about not going on a mission.
this year i am finally happy about not going.
last year i thought my missionary friends would never come home.
this year phone calls and texts prove otherwise.
last year i was afraid to move on and try new things.
this year i've learned that's where life adventures come from.
last year i had a real struggle enjoying my classes.
this year missing is not an option because i love them so much.
last year basketball season.
this year basketball season.
[please note that marlee's wearing the same sweater.]

life experiences make us who we are.
sometimes they are harder than we hope.
but in the end we wouldn't trade them for anything.
i'm so grateful for the changes that have come over the past year.
and the chance we always have to change.


marlee.patrice said...

it's a really great sweater.

kylee said...

this post was fabulous. so grateful for the changes a single year can bring.

emily janette said...

i just love this.