Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my brother, the baller.

last night was senior night.
you know what that means?
my baby brother is a senior in high school, and he's finished his basketball career.
it was an eventful night, and we pulled off the W.
[it was close and i was real antsy, i'll tell you that.]
they gave mom flowers, and after the game my whole family cried.
we laughed about how nobody cried when my tennis season ended.
of course it's because addison is the "favorite child."
but in all honesty it's because we've put more time into addison's basketball than almost anything.
and that has been wonderful.
i think i owe my love of basketball to him.
he always wanted me to play with him when we were little.
[i could beat him then.]
he got to be michael jordan and i was scottie pippen.
we watched "space jam" more times than i can count.
i went to all his jr. jazz games and eventually wanted to play myself.
i remember being so proud and telling ALL my friends when he joined that "competition team."
"yeah, my brother is that good.  and sometimes i still beat him."
[he was like 9 and i was twice his size.]
skipping add's games was never an option.
"we support each other" mom always said.
and it's true.
i've never been so grateful for the hundreds of games i've watched.
for the cheering and yelling and sometimes being real mad.
for the drives to games, and even flying across the country.
for the game film after and being in charge of picture taking.
because it was something that brought our family together.
i adore you addison and am so proud of all the things you've accomplished.
you've been a good example to so many and made some amazing friends.
you've worked harder than anyone i've ever met.
[being the "short guy" wasn't always easy.]
thanks for being the best brother, friend and person i know.
i love you always.

p.s. he just got accepted to byu. boo yah.


Kimberlee said...

This post makes me happy. Huzzah for little brothers. Huzzah for sports. And huzzah for a family cheering sections.

kylee said...

the bittersweetness of high school coming to an end. i'll be honest here: i still miss a lot of things about high school. dance being one of them. i'll never forget the feeling i had after performing in my last ever dance performance. saddest day ever. ps congrats to your bro getting into byu!

Kayla said...

This is so precious.

Amy said...

My sistah just got accepted too! Wooooooo I am seriously so happy. :)

Jill said... made me cry again!
my evil plan worked.....if i just tell them that we support each other maybe they will be best friends.....aahahaha(evil laugh) ;0)