Monday, January 17, 2011

better even than getting her running watch.

hilary called from the airport.
i knew it was her when it was an unknown number.
i somehow just knew she would call today.
and still, as soon as i heard her voice i bawled.
the conversation was only a minute long.
her plane was boarding any second,
but she had to say hi and that she loved me before she was in a different country.
i was a blubbering mess the whole time telling her i missed her and loved her too.
there wasn’t much conversation besides “i love you”'s and “i miss you”'s.
there was an, “i miss your voice. you’re the best friend ever.” from hil,
and “you’ll be amazing in argentina. be safe and have fun.” from me.
it was all i could think to say.
but nonetheless, it couldn’t have made for a better day.

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