Thursday, December 9, 2010

reasons to be.

sometimes stress builds up and it's the worst.
i hate when i'm in a bad mood.
i hate when i don't have time to get everything done.
and i just hate feeling overwhelmed.
definitely how i felt last night.
i had sewn my project wrong, again.
and i kept thinking about "what ifs."
all i could feel was my head pounding.
and time was running out for everything due.
when i got home i said, "i'm in a bad mood, i'm going to bed."
but i decided to check the mail.
a letter from mom and two from [hermana] hilary.
the things they said were perfect.
and i cried.
partially because i was so stressed,
but mostly because they made me so happy.
finals week is usually a disaster.
feeling wise anyways.
but it's nice to know that i'm still loved and thought about.
and that people are standing behind me 100%.
and that i have reasons to be happy.
like how i sat in cafe rio for three hours with whitney talking and catching up and laughing.
or how dee dee told me she is having a mid-life crisis as we fell asleep.
and how my baby brother turns 18 today.
[the happiness is we get to celebrate, it's crazy he's so old.]
i found gushers that hilary had sent me last month.
[we all know they are my favorite.]
then bff kelsy writes a blog post like this and i adore it. 
and in one short little [insane] week i'll be across the country on the beach.
 i'll be just fine.
somehow everything will get done.
and this girl will be happy as ever.

you can do it too. i promise.

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