Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"on a tuesday."

you know what came out today?
"despicable me."
you should probably go buy it.
it recieved ashley's best movie of the year award.
mom wrote in the christmas card,
"for ashley, the dating flood gates have opened."
i laughed way too hard.
i'd call it a stream, not a flood.
two finals down, two to go.
[plus a nasty project.]
when i'm unmotivated i go watch the live cam of the florida beach.
just because no one is there doesn't mean i'm not going.
70's is definitely warm enough for a swimsuit.
christmas is next week.
where has this year gone?
fact:  i'm awful with surprises.
i have the best job on the earth.
kelsy is coming to visit.
she told me to be ready between the 12th and 25th of january.
[i'm feeling a combined birthday party.]
pretty sure i've had more sugar in the past two days than the whole year.
[that's a LOT of sugar.]
i made a profit by selling my humanities books back.
now that made for a good day.
plus, how can you get a letter with a heading like this and not be happy?

[check out phil's missionary blog here.]

p.s. if you can name that song [from my title] you are so cool.

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Ashley said...

Large amounts of sugar intake is def okay during Finals week! :)