Wednesday, December 1, 2010


it's december.
i was in the bookstore when i realized it.

here's a semi-blurry blue tree to celebrate.
[i love blue christmas lights. so cool.]

i adore my major.
and today i was really grateful for the people i've had encourage me to do it.
the people that believe in me.
i thought of mrs. bateman.
she always told me i could do it, and she still does.

i love the sewing lab.
it's kind of this own little world i enter.
totally peaceful.  [most of the time.]

and i thought today about my concentrating face.
yep, the one where i bite my bottom lip.
i do it all the time without even realizing it.
mostly when i'm focusing real hard.

[miss this sport and those tan legs.]              
sometimes i didn't like it because i thought people judged me.
but i love it.
it's the same face grandma w. makes when she's working on her puzzles.
it's the same face dad makes when he's helping me fix something.
it's the same face i make when i am trying really hard.
i love the concentrating face.

i like my life.
i'm overwhelmed with blessings.
i love knowing that i still love learning even if i hate humanities.
i love the girls i get to know in my major.
i love talking to my family.
i love that finals are almost over.
i love that every single thing will work out in the end.
i love being happy.

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Megs said...

i LOVE those lights. i will walk out of my way just to see them. i also just read your previous post about work and i feel inspired :) thanks for being so awesome and for sharing.