Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful for.

life. forever family. mom. dad. brother. friends. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. laughter. letters. answers. cell phones. music. bathrooms. grapefruit lotion. clean apartment. blankets. cardigans. sewing machine. teachers. learning. laptop. job. lazy days. scriptures. sunshine. happiness. quotes. furniture. vintage items. craft stores. ideas. pie. car rides. pictures. bonding moments. trust. cinderella. experiences. missionaries. piano. temples. challenges. icarly. blogging. love. tennis. different perspectives. leaders. courage. bff's. time. memories. amazon. good books. help. reminders. good attitude. dog. fabric. traditions. cute clothes. food. cookies. talents. concerts. everyday heroes. holidays. neighbors. hands-on activities. trampolines. talking. accomplishments. technology. prayer. warm house. slippers. wishes. hard work. emails. traveling. freedom. journals. efy. summertime. options. cousins. exercise. basketball.
i'm grateful for a lot of things.
i feel like i could make a list a hundred pages long.
i hope you look for the things around you to be thankful for.
it makes life happier.
that's a promise.

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