Thursday, November 18, 2010

marriage and such.

today i got a hair cut.
[every time i type hair cut it comes out hair cute.]
it was nothing drastic, just a trim.
and i had a nice heart-to-heart with the girl.
she was my age.
then she asked how long i'd been married.
and i said, "well, i'm not married."
and she said, "oh, i thought i saw a ring on your finger."
we both laughed and continued to talk about dating and marriage.
it was good.
good to know we were in similar situations.
sometimes you just need to know that there are others like you.
i am excited for marriage.
as hilary and i talked yesterday we discussed our futures.
we talked about preparing and learning.
the different things she was doing for her mission.
the different things i was doing for a family.
i was never really like this before.
i mean, i've always wanted to get married, but things have changed.
as my friends prepare for their missions i prepare for my husband.
and it excites me more than ever.
it's quite odd really.
i always thought i'd be the girl on the mission.
but life isn't always how we imagine it.
and i've finally come to terms with that.
[it took me a little while.
and asking a few too many times, "are you sure?"]
it's all in the plan.
i just need to trust and have faith.
and i can't wait am excited for my main man to sweep me off my feet.


Becca and Bryan said...

this made me smile BIG TIME!!!! :) you are going to be the best wife one day! and the man who sweeps you off your feet is going to be SO lucky!!!!

Kim said...

How do you feel about blind dates? I have a brother-in-law......:)