Tuesday, November 9, 2010

half marathon.

prep time: carbo loading from brick oven.
pasta and salad and garlic bread.
we loved our waiter blake.
[he made the excuse for the best prank ever.]
my stuff was gathered up,
and a great playlist was created.
asleep by 11.

pre-show:  wake up at 6 a.m.
nervous as ever.
i think i paced the room five times making sure i had everything.
we ate some yogurt and bananas.
then we jumped in the car and drove to the high school.
marlee's mom, karen, said a prayer that calmed all of us.
and we hurried over to the busses.
they blasted the heat for us.
and we watched the sunrise as we drove up the canyon.
[we also tried not to think about how far they were driving because that's how far we'd be running back.]
when we got to the top we waited in the long line for porta-pottys and danced all the jitters out.

starting line:  music set.
mind set.
and we're off.

mile 1:  i was fascinated by all the runners.
and i realized how cool running shoes are.
think of all the time spent in them by the wearer.

mile 3:  "life is a highway" with the most beautiful view of the white and red rocks in the background.

mile 4:  line was too long to go to the bathroom.
i tried like 1 gulp of the gu stuff.
"rockstar" by hannah montana 
yes, i really am a rock star.

mile 7:  two little girls on the side of the road who jumped up to give me double high fives as i passed.

mile 8:  "better person" by relient k.
i was tempted to walk for a minute until this song came on.
hilary always tells me i'm singing it at her wedding.
i knew she'd want me to keep on running.

mile 9:  i hit the wall.
[i think that's what they call it.]
i knew that i would not make it much further unless the next song was "somebody to love" by justin bieber.
prayer answered.
that was the next song.
i laughed, thanked heaven, and kept on running.

mile 10: bathroom stop.
"viva la vida" by coldplay.
it sounded just like how kayla sang it in the hotel the night before.
and i wasn't sure if my legs were there.
i sang "it hurts, it hurts, it hurts" to myself.

mile 11:  "i'm alive" by celine dion.
i've never been so grateful to be alive in my life.
only two more left.
"Daughters of God" by Elder Ballard.

mile 12:  game time.
what's one more mile?

mile 12.5:  "world's greatest" by r. kelly.
i cried.
"hey i made it."
that's the line that got to me.
i was actually going to finish.
and i never thought it was possible.
then i replayed it.
and when i came around the corner i saw my cheerleaders -
mom and kayla and ciera screaming my name.
and crying.
and taking my picture like i was a super star.

one more lap around the track and i was done.
i think that's the fastest lap i've ever done.
and it felt so good to cross that finish line.

i am a half marathoner.


Becca and Bryan said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jilly said...

yeah! i am so proud of you! you are a half-marathoner! you're legit!!!!

Kara_V said...

I love that you're wearing your Beautiful shirt :]

kylee said...

congrats! that really is such a great accomplishment! loved the way you wrote this post.