Saturday, November 20, 2010


i just want to verify to the world that i love basketball.
i don't think people quite understand how much i truly love it.
it's one big amount.
i've loved it ever since i can remember.
in 2nd grade when the jazz lost to the bulls in the playoffs, i cried.
junior jazz was my favorite.
addison and i were always playing basketball.
[he had a basketball laundry thing that hung up on the door.]
i liked those days cause i always dominated him.
we even memorized most of the "space jam" cd.
[even this song...yes, i can rap the whole thing.]
church ball made me more upset than i like to admit.
kayla convinced me to try out for the team in 9th grade.
i made it and she didn't. 
but don't worry, we laugh about it.
and i'd always shoot hoops with the neighborhood boys.
i remember beating my whole seminary class in march madness one year
...the boys were so impressed.
my family always makes march madness a big deal.
my dad even put $40 on the line last year and all my extended family got involved.
we watched some live games at the former delta center.
and i watch the games when i'm home.
and i watch the games when work is slow.
my brother has been on the high school team for four years now, and before that he played competition ball.
i love those games more than anything.
attending those is a priority.
same with the byu games.
and last night i was too tired to do anything so i stayed home and watched the jazz game.
[although the nba is way not as fun as high school or college ball.]
i wanted to be michael jordan when i grew up.
that man can dunk.
man, i love this game.
i could watch it for hours and hours and be totally content.
there's just something about basketball that makes me giddy.
for that reason, baskeball deserved its own post.
and if you ever need a watching a game buddy, i'm totally down.
 addison balling it up.


Amy said...

I love you!! I love basketball too!! Well admittedly my love of basketball doesn't go back so far, and when I played it in middle school I was the worst one on the team butttttt... I'm a super talented WATCHER of basketball!! March is like the best month ever! I want to go with you to all the games! (Except I'm not sure if I'm going tonight because of the football game.) Is junior Jazz like the little league of basketball in Utah? Thats so funny!!

Kayla said...

hahaha thanks for the lovely shout out in this one!